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Keeper of the Red Book [entries|friends|calendar]
Takamine Kiyomaro

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concrit post [30 Sep 2009|02:29pm]
Concrit post. Comments are screened, IP logging is off. Feel free to tell me anything I could work on. Thanks.
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interaction post [09 Jul 2009|07:23pm]
[Want to talk to Kiyomaro? Don't feel like posting or waiting for him to post? Then hit him up here and we'll get to threading!]
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[16 Apr 2009|07:13pm]
Zakeru: Gash's most basic skill - a burst of lightning from his mouth.
Rashirudo: Summons a shield from the ground that, if it overpowers what it is reflecting, can fire back attacks at enemies with the bonus of said attack being electrified.
Jikerudo: A sphere is fired from Gash's mouth at an object/person which makes them extremely magnetized.
Baou Zakeruga: Gash's lightning takes the form of a dragon to attack (and in some cases, consume) enemies. Towards the end of the Faudo arc, it got a major power up - even moreso than all of the other spells.
Zakeruga: Zakeru in the form of a focussed beam - more powerful, but not widespread.
Rauzaruku: Lightning strikes Gash, giving him a speed and power boost that makes him exponentially stronger - however, no other spell can be used during this time.
Zaguruzemu: A spell that fires a sphere which stores electrical energy in an object/person/thing/etc. Any spell that comes into contact with a Zaguruzemu (whether Zaguruzemu is fired into it or it hits an object that has the effects of Zaguruzemu on it) becomes more powerful; the more Zaguruzemu, the more power. For example, using five Zaguruzemus on the ground, a Baou Zakeruga can travel from the center Zaguruzemu to the other four, and from each of those four, a more powerful Baou Zakeruga will burst forth - thus totalling four overpowered Baou Zakerugas.
Ganreizu Zakeru: Summons multiple things that each fires multiple Zakeru spells.
Teozakeru: A very powered up version of Zakeru.
Baou Kurou Disugurugu: Gash summons a giant dragon's arm made of lightning and slams it down to attack his opponents.
Maazu Jikerudon: A tremendous Jikerudo which has the ability to block other spells. It traps the opponent within it's center and electrocutes them.

FUTURE SPELLS (spells learned from after the point I took Kiyomaro from)
???: Gash spins and forms a sort of giant lightning arrow, however it went unnamed
Ekuseru Zakeruga: An enormous Zakeruga that takes the form of an arrow.
Jiou Renzu Zakeruga: Gash's most powerful spell - another lightning dragon, like Baou Zakeruga, but more stream lined with lots of horns and other electrical parts.

Barudo Forusu: Gash's lightning takes the form of a giant electric bird; summoned when Kiyomaro, Megumi, Folgore, and Sunbeam all cast this spell at once - however, it was erased after its one and only use in the first movie.


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[You're finally home! No more crazy coconuts or events or any of that crazy stuff! Here, have a gold star! But suddenly, a strangely familliar person is yelling and they're falling and WHAM-- Now they're here!]

... Hello?

so here's the lodown!Collapse )
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(log: talim) Cribs: Kiyomaro Edition! [27 Mar 2009|03:11pm]
Leeeet's see here. I put Gash's book under my pillow, folded the clothes, piled up the rest of the books in the corner... I think it's presentable. Where's Tio when you need her?

Oh well! Looks good, all things considered! I guess.

Ehhhh... Did we agree on both of us cooking or me cooking? ... I know we talked cooking, but... Shoot, why can't I remember something simple like that? Well, I washed and sliced the apples I picked, at least, so that should probably be good enough.

Well, no point in worrying about it now. Now all there is to do is wait! Where did I put that botany book again...?
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[15 Feb 2009|02:53am]
Just some icons for the eventual paid account get that I need to put somewhere so I don't forget about them.

he's a crazy crazy manCollapse )
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go go kiyo/junoa backthread [01 Sep 2008|03:13pm]
That green haired girl... just what is she planning, putting us on these boats?
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